Gaining Access To The Site

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the country and people groups of Egypt.  Project Egypt consists of a group of men and women who are determined to carry out the task given to them by our Lord and…


Our Mission

All of our families have a burden to establish publicly accessible locations that provide a safe environment in which anyone can learn.  Our aspiration is to see centers built that will provide a Christ-honoring atmosphere in which those with a sincere…

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Why Egypt?

Egypt is the largest of all the Arab nations in the world and shares a heritage that few civilizations in the world can compare to.  With its estimated population at 94 million, and growing each year, Egypt is a country…



Eight Warning Signs Your Church is Drifting from God’s Mission

God’s mission is clear: He seeks and saves the lost.


13 Signs of Leadership Fatigue

Leadership is sometimes wearisome – so wearisome that we come close to giving up.


What It Takes to Be a Missionary

by Seth – sonofcarey.com Here is the covenant that Carey wrote for the missionaries who served together with him at Serampore.


Dispute over marriage in Coptic Church sparks calls for Pope to resign

Pope Tawadros II has refused calls to reform Church rules over divorce and remarriage.

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Egypt launches new administrative capital

Egypt’s government launched on Friday a new administrative capital east of Cairo at the cost of $45 billion

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How Libya’s Martyrs Are Witnessing to Egypt

Murders spark largest outreach ever amid new freedoms and new threats.

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