Gaining Access To The Site

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the country and people groups of Egypt.  Project Egypt consists of a group of men and women who are determined to carry out the task given to them by our Lord and…


Our Mission

The Lord has given us a tremendous burden for establishing churches and missions churches within the country of Egypt.  From here we hope to see centers built that will train preachers in the Scriptures and in evangelism. With the help…

Egyptian protestors take part in a demon

Why Egypt?

The Influence of One Nation Egypt is the most populous country in the Arab world. Mass protests forced Egypt’s president of 30 years to resign in February 2011. An interim government controlled the country until elections in September 2011. Egypt’s…



Enemies of a Passionate Walk with Christ

by Paul Chappell What single word best describes your walk with the Lord? I think all of us would love for that word to be passion. And not just today, but every day. We’d like consistent passion in our walk with…


Jesus’ coming on Christmas for our Muslim friends (Part 2)

“I believe that Christmas is a great time to share the meaning of why we celebrate this holiday.”


Jesus’ coming on Christmas for our Muslim friends (Part 1)

What is Christmas really about? Is it the lights and the glitter? The buying of presents?


How Libya’s Martyrs Are Witnessing to Egypt

Murders spark largest outreach ever amid new freedoms and new threats.

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How Egypt’s Government Is Trying to Get Christians to Follow Jesus

Long-dormant pilgrimage route focuses on Jesus’ post-Christmas journey.

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hanging church

Tourism programme to trace Holy Family’s steps through Egypt

Pope Tawadros II has agreed to open monasteries to tourist groups…

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